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COVID-19 Announcement:

As an essential service provider, E & J Termite & Pest Control's top priority remains to keeping our employees and customers safe. Learn more here.


E & J Termite and Pest Control, LLC aims to solve your issues, protect your pocketbook/wallet, and satisfy your concerns. We prefer an on-site consultation visit to learn the scope of work and issues at hand. Call us to let us know What’s Buggin’ You!

The following actions will take place upon EACH scheduled service:


  • A visual inspection at each perimeter wall, living and common areas.

  • Identification of insect or rodent activity with special attention to predetermined areas of concerns.

  • Offer treatment suggestions as needed.

  • Service glue traps set at predetermined locations. Set bait in catch situations as needed.

  • Monitor prior insect, rodent or other pest activity and offer suggestions.

  • Spray herbal and regular insecticide in any trouble areas.

  • Abide by and uphold all rules and regulations determined by NJ-EPA.

  • Provide a written synopsis of problem areas and communicate each to the site contact.

  • Replace disposable equipment as necessary and discard used items.

  • On-call service for emerging issues are included in a regularly scheduled relationship.


One-Time or Quarterly Services 

  • Property Management
  • Industrial and Office Spaces

  • Medical

  • Restaurant

Proudly Servicing

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Safety is Priority

We are conscious of the chemicals that we use in homes and business. Read about our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) - an important component of product stewardship and occupational safety and health.

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